• Absentee ballots-no intent to return issued ballot


    If you have changed your mind about voting absentee by mail, please return the packet (unused ballot and instructions) to the drop box ASAP so we can update your records. This will allow for faster voting on election day.  Please know that we prefer that you vote the absentee ballot sent to you (we've already spent time and money on the mailing ... and it is safer during this pandemic).  Keep in mind that if you are worried about your absentee ballot getting returned in time or whether it will be counted, know that you may use the drop box to the left of the front door 24/7 up until 7:59 pm on election day.  Your ballot will be secured until election day at which point IT WILL BE COUNTED!

    You can follow your absentee ballot progress on the web page - from start to finish!

    Please call the Town Clerk if you have any questions or concerns!  608-526-3354