• Coronavirus - Town Hall CLOSED as of 12/1/20



    As the pandemic continues to cause concern for the public, the Town Board is proceeding with caution. At the January 13th Town Board meeting, it was the consensus to extend the office closing to the end of February.  Therefore, the Town office will be closed to the public from now until February 28th.   Residents are to conduct Town business via U.S. Mail or drop box (left of front door - open 24/7).  This will include paying taxes or renewing dog licenses. The clerk will continue to be available by phone during clerk hours for questions/concerns.  608-526-3354

    Tax bills:  if you want a receipt, please include the WHOLE tax bill.  We will return the top portion with the receipt. 
         If you do not need a receipt, please include the bottom 1/3 portion so we can correctly match the payment to the tax bill.

    Dog tags:  if the rabies were renewed during the past year, please include that certificate with payment ($12 if fixed, $23 if not fixed).  We will return the certificate.  It is helpful to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we can send the tag(s) to you.