2019 Public Input Session
7:00 p.m. Wednesday 2/20/19  rescheduled to 3/20/19 due to weather conditions
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The Town Board is looking for input from taxpayers!
        On July 23, 2013, the Town was notified by American Transmission Company (ATC) that an additional transmission line, known as the Badger Coulee Line (BCL), was proposed to connect with the Briggs Road substation from Madison. The route chosen traverses over 7 miles of Town property and was approved by the PSC in April 2015. This route parallels the CapX2020 route.
        In the fall of 2014, the Town hired an attorney to fight the line and took it as far as the Court of Appeals. Unfortunately, on May 30, 2018, the Town was notified that our appeal was denied.
        Under the State regulations, the power company is required to pay an “environmental impact fee” to all municipalities that the power line traverses. The Town received a one-time payment of $366,146. That money has been deposited in a segregated account and may be “used only for park, conservancy, wetland or other similar environmental programs”. [State statute 196.491(3)(gm) and 16.969]
        The Town Board is asking for input from taxpayers on how best to utilize those funds. We encourage residents to attend a public input session on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. If you cannot attend the public session, the Town is open to suggestions via email or U.S. Mail.

Background information:
Wisconsin State Statute 16.969 link
PSC memo with possible environmental measures link
Dept of Administration letter May 5, 2017 (reimbursement for construction of BCL payment) link
CapX2020 and BCL account balances (2013 to 2018) link

2015 Transmission Line Map - CapX and ATC
Court Hearings:
6/13/18  The Town Board voted "not to pursue any further".
5/30/18  Court of Appeals denied the Town of Holland's appeal.
2/1/18 Notice from Court of Appeals - briefs submitted but no oral arguments will be heard
8/10/17 Venue changed from District IV to District II because of an unexpected conflict of interest
6/2/17 The Town of Holland filed an appeal in at the IV Circuit Court of Appeals/
5/23/17 Judge Bjerke reversed his decision.
10/10/16 La Crosse County Circuit Court: The Badger Coulee appeal with oral arguments was held Monday, October 10 at 1:45 pm. La Crosse County Court House.  Judge Bjerke ordered an injunction on any work within the Town of Holland until the PSC could justify why the line was not triple-circuited in the Town of Holland.


Background and options for testimony [link]

PSC Public Comment Form [link]
2014 Resolution 2014-02: Town of Holland Opposes the ATC Badger Coulee Line [link]
2014 Press Release: Town of Holland asks Public Service Commission to turn back application for Badger-Coulee transmission line [link]
2014 Letter from Town of Holland to PSCW - 04/07/14 [link]
2014 PSC letter requesting reopen CapX2020 Hampton, La Crosse high-voltage power line [link]
2013 Energy Committee Opposition Letter to ATC [link]
2013 ATC, Xcel & Dairyland Letter in opposition [link]
2013 Q&A with ATC & Xcel Energy 8/28/2013 (transcript) [link]
2011 PSC letter [link]

 Power Line Routes:


Elected Officials:

  • U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, 328 Hart Senate Office Bldg, Washington, DC  20510

  • U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, 1 Russell Courtyard, Washington, DC  20510

  • U.S. Representative Ron Kind, 1502 Longworth House Office Bldg, Washington, DC  20515

  • State Senator Jennifer Shilling, PO Box 7822, Madison, WI 53707-7882

  • State Representative Steve Doyle, PO Box 8952, Madison, WI  53708


Local Organizations:

  • Holland Neighborhood Preservation Association:

  • Citizens Energy Task Force:  http://cetf.us/ The Citizens Energy Task Force (CETF) is a coalition of neighbors and citizens concerned about the proposed CapX2020 high voltage transmission lines in Minnesota and Wisconsin. As a legally registered "intervening party" in the CapX2020 permitting process, we represent the concerns of citizens who question the need for these particular high voltage power lines, and who support clean, sustainable, locally-generated power sources.

  • Town of Stark:  http://fieldpost.org/StarkEnergy/Resources.htm Town of Stark's is located in La Farge, Wi and formed an Ad Hoc Committee on Energy Planning & Information.

  • S.O.U.L. Wisconsin: http://www.soulwisconsin.org/ SOUL of Wisconsin is a non-profit grassroots organization whose mission is to promote efficient and responsible management of electrical power for the public good, while protecting the natural, social and economic environments and citizens of Wisconsin.

  • Sierra Club:  http://wisconsin.sierraclub.org/coulee/Energy.htm

  • No Capx2020:  http://nocapx2020.info/

  • Questions about eminent domain: http://www.wisconsineminentdomain.com/  This website has a very useful landowner guide.

  • Resources for local groups and Town action provided by SOUL:  [link]