Meeting Notices & Minutes

Boundary Agreement

    Public hearing Notice:  February 27, 2017
    Public hearing Minutes: February 27, 2017
    Boundary Agreement (final)
    Exhibit 3 (map with boundary lines)
    Exhibit 4 (boundary map overlay)

Zoning & Comprehensive Planning Background

 Differences between zoning, comprehensive plan and assessment:  link
 Public hearing protocol link
 Comprehensive Plan categories link
 Comprehensive Plan amendment application link
Comprehensive Planning

Public Input

Visual Preference Survey
Kick-Off Meeting/Postcard Exercise
6/06/06 Presentation
8/06/06 Photo Visioning
Public Participation Plan 2005
Public Participation Resolution 2005
Comprehensive Plan Narrative


2018 Hearing Notice Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment
2018 Comprehensive Plan Map
2015 Comprehensive Plan Text Amendments
2013 Comprehensive Plan Categories defined
2013 Map 8.0 - Future Land Use
2012 Comprehensive Plan Map Resolution
2012 Comprehensive Plan Map ordinance