Board of Review:  The Town of Holland held an "Open Book" for Town taxpayers to view their 2018 Town assessments on Thursday, May 10, 2018.  If a Town taxpayer objects to the assessed value, they must give a 48 hour notice and attend the Board of Review, which will be held on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  For further information and instructions, see link.

Monthly brush chipping:
Brush chipping takes place the 2nd Tuesday of the month April - October.  Please remember to call the office (526-3354) by 1:00 p.m. on the Monday before the chipping date to get on the list.  Also, keep in mind that the service is for for light pruning and trimming -- pile no higher than 3 feet and no wider than 15 feet along the curb.  Larger amounts should be handled by a tree service.  THIS IS NOT FOR ASH TREE REMOVAL! If you have a dead ash tree, please contact a tree service for disposal.

Refuse & Recycling Collection:  If refuse or recycling service missed your home, please call Hilltopper directly at 783-6727.

Dog fees have increased:  $12 if neutered/spayed and $23 if not fixed.  See newsletter for more information link

Dog tags -  All dog licenses are due January 1st of each year (with a grace period until April 1st).  Beginning Monday, April 2nd, dog licenses must be renewed through the La Crosse County Clerk's Office, unless licensing a puppy or newly acquired dog (which are obtained in the Town Clerk's office).  Puppies must be licensed within 5 months.
Taxes - How much do I owe for my second half and where do I pay?
To check the status of your taxes, link to the County Land Records Information page at:  La Crosse County Land Information link.
The 2nd half payment is due July 31st and is paid at the County Treasurer's officeFor further tax information, check link.

Shouldering work:  Our Town Crew may be in your neighborhood this summer working to maintain the shoulders along the Town roads.  This work involves either cutting away soil/grass that is preventing water from draining from the roads or it may involve adding gravel to shoulders that are lower than the pavement edge to prevent the road from cracking off.  This work is important for the longevity of the roads. Regular maintenance of the shoulders maximizes good pavement and allows run-off from rain and spring thawing.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Town Hall at 526-3354. 


Here's a link for more information: link
Health Advisory relating to drinking water quality concerns in private wells in parts of La Crosse County:  
    7/31/17:  Holmen Area Private Water- Even Summary April/May 2017 link
    5/9/17:  Midwest Environmental Advocates issue press release - DNR will provide emergency drinking water for families with contaminated wells [link]
April 6, 2017 press release
Additional information:  DNR brochures 
                                        Water Quality Health Advisory for Private Wells
                                        Frequently asked questions: Private Well Water Testing
On April 12, 2017, an informational meeting was held at the Town Hall.  For additional questions, please contact the County Health Department at 789-7816.
Link to La Crosse County Health Department:  La Crosse County link
Testing bottles are available in the Clerk's office during office hours.


History:  A book about immigrants to the Town of Holland is now available:

Hi from England!   I'm emailing about my new book, "The Lost Story of the William & Mary: The Cowardice of Captain Stinson" which is available via Pen & Sword at the end of this year: .  I wanted to let you know about this true story of a shipwreck in the Bahamas as one of the groups of immigrants on board went on to found the town of Holland, La Crosse, in Wisconsin, and there will be many of their descendants still in the area. 

I am based in England but very keen to raise the profile of the people involved with this shipwreck (many were heroes in this tragedy and several went on to fight in the Civil War) and also my book.  If there is anything you would recommend to this end, or anything you would like to know about this, then I would love to hear more.
Best wishes,
Gill Hoffs
author of "The Sinking of RMS Tayleur: The Lost Story of the 'Victorian Titanic'" (Pen & Sword, 2014, 2015)


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